Best in Red & The Warehouse

Rainbow Week in the Warehouse

Another Rainbow Week event was The Warehouse is Best in Red on Tuesday. DJ Pyp played a great selection of sounds and kept us entertained there for 2 whole hours.

Some of Pyp's Trivia questions were tough though and we all had to Google the answers.

Host Kittsy joined her in the fun and had us all enjoying ourselves.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Draxter Dupres' Fluffy. We were even visited by 2 'Fluffy's who joined in and danced away with us to everyone's delight.

Tonight is Best in Orange, Tomorrow is Best in Yellow, Friday is Green, Saturday is Blue and Sunday is Purple. All the colours of the rainbow will be on display this week for you to enjoy.

Red for 2013

Today was the day of 'Red', but this season in fashion it is 'Popy Red' as selected by Carmen Marc Valvo for the Pantone fashion colour palette. He took his inspiration from the cultural influences that are currently coming forward from Asia. His idea is that prominent colors
such as Ivory and Black will be complimented with primary colors such at Poppy and Cobalt as an accent. See
Linda Cardellini in his fabulous design on his facebook page.


This signature color of Poppy is chosen because of its passion and sense of optimism. 

Let's face it, if your idea of 'Best in Red' is a pair of red training pants, with red trainers and a hat - you'll need to be optimistic.


 One 'must-have item' in this colour is a silk, gazar blouse or dress in a bright Poppy, as shown in the  picture, which says confidence, sex and power. 

The event was a great sell out and people wore all sorts of red outfits. From Fluffy's to Sexy dresses.

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