Carter and Dar Show

Carter and Dar Show comes to London!

Date: Saturday 15th June
Time 3PM SLT (11Pm GMT)    
Location: Kensignton Sim                                 

The Carter and Dar Show began Dec 2012 and is a weekly YouTube show hosted by Carter Giacobini and Dar Writer-Oh. They talk to SLebrities, content creators, artists, performers, interesting people, audience members, each other.....

                                  YouTube link

Carter and Dar have known each other for several years. They became very close friends and have always had so much fun around each other. In fact, every time that they would get around each other, they would laugh and joke around so much that people would say, "You guys should have your own t.v. show!" They talked about it for awhile and then they decided to just start doing it. This is where you, the audience, come in. Now, you get to see what years of great friendship have led up to! Anything can happen!

                                                          Take the TP here

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