How to finish a week @ The Warehouse.

Thursday night @ The Warehouse

Thursday night was great fun as always.

What started as big hair soon became a foam party.

it didn't take long before I took the opportunity to strip down

Destiny looked as though her hair was made from the stuff

Here are the rest of the pictures from the event

Friday @ The Warehouse

Friday started with Best in Goth or Black

With great music from DJ ScotsPaul and hosted by the Lovely Tulisa

Although there was not a great turn out for this early event we still had Yuri to show us his wonderful outfits

The evening then progressed and things moved to Racing.

With prizes for the winners of the race it was great fun even though Mike beat us all.

Saturday @ The Warehouse

We were back on schedule for Saturday night with Best in Goth.

There was an amazing L$1250 (s) up for grabs with this contest
 and although there was no overall winner. Everyone walked away with a prize.

I even dressed as Marliyn Manson for the evening

Sharon was her normal self though a bit more chattier this evening

Everyone was looking hot as normal and we had great fun.

Check out the rest of the pics below:

To finish off the Gothic Themed weekend we will be having a Bets in Blac or Goth event tonight with me as your host and the lovely Pyp as DJ.

This will start at 1pm SLT and finish at 3pm SLT.

Hope to see you all there.

- Jason Keegan

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