Warehouse Casual & Orange & Yellow

  In the European tradition, casual is the dress code that emphasizes comfort and personal expression over presentation and uniformity. Manager Pyp wants you to feel comfy in the Warehouse, while you listen to the sounds of DJ ScotsPaul. DJ ScotsPaul and Host Tulisalouise welcomed everyone to The Warehouse for the best in Casuals. 

We all arrived wearing our comfiest casuals. Blue Jeans and a T-shirt have been described as the "casual uniform" and remain popular to this day. So the Warehouse was full of people in blue jeans and other comfy clothes.

At The Warehouse, in London, we show that dressing casually does not mean dressing like a slob.

Yet that’s what many men do in RL, every single evening and weekend, people dress like SLobs (excuse the pun). Especially men who wear suits on a daily basis, they come home and strip off their suit to replace it with the worst woolly pullover they can find and team it up with a pair of holey jeans and threadbare sneakers. 

T-shirt and jeans is the de-facto uniform of the off duty man – and when breaking a sweat about the office, they find a way to wear our old sweat shirts and sweatpants with no intention of breaking a sweat. Dressing this casually isn't a bad thing in RL when watching TV on a Saturday morning or working on the house.
But in SL, it should be unheard of. 

The Best Dresssed 'Casual' Guy In SL

Guys, you need to step up your casual clothing – a man often represents his family and he always represent himself, and he should dress accordingly. Although you may not be the centre of attention, you are making impressions on other people. 

A prospective partner will always judge you by the way you look.  You can’t control everything; you can however ensure your personal presentation is solid and sends a positive message.

Why?  Because you never know where a relationship may go.  That other avatar you start a conversation with might be your next partner, client, coworker or friend. So let's make a good first impression in them. 

In seconds people decide if they like you or not – and nothing has as powerful an effect on a light association as the way you present yourself. Dress right – and set yourself up for success.  Dress like a buffoon, and well, you might have been better not showing up at all.

Here are four tips to dressing sharp when dressing casual – 3 are very general and the last is a bit more specific but one of the easiest and quickest ways to elevate your game.

  1. Pay attention to the fit of your clothing.
  2. Ensure the clothing you wear is made of well textured fabric and constructed properly.
  3. Aim for styles that are classic and that compliment your chosen body type.
  4. Wear quality footwear – leave the sandals for the beach and running shoes for running.

  • Simple – yes
  • Something most of us do consistently – no
  • Take the steps necessary to elevate your casual style – the reward is worth it.

Other creative 'casuals', both Guy and Gal at the Warehouse in London include:

Miss America

White Dress

White Underwear

Red polka Dots

DJ ScotsPaul in jeans

The Warehouse is in the North West corner of the Knightsbridge region so search for it or find it on the map, but make sure you get there!
The Warehouse @ LONDON Knightsbridge http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Knightsbridge/15/202/22 

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