Great news & Best in Black @ Jelly Bean

Hey everyone,

Today was a real fun day for us at Jelly Bean. At first it started when Linden Labs decided to do a rolling restart to roll out the new server side baking.

I decided to do be the DJ as people was coming to us as they sat out their restart. This was a great decision as we met some wonderful people today so thank you to everyone that stopped by to see us at London and at Jelly Bean

It seemed Hyde park would be one of the last ones of the day to go down and luckily enough it was just before our Best in Black contest.

We was lucky enough to have DJ Hatter playing for this evening.

Everyone looked great today in their black outfits.

Below are some pictures for you to look through





Now for some extra great news.

London have made it back to Whats Hot and also today not only have we managed to get Jelly Been in to the Destination guide. We also made it straight in to whats hot.


So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Jelly Bean for helping us make this achievable but more importantly we would like to thank all of you guys and girls for coming to see us.

 Here is the schedule for the rest of this week. Starting with Angels & Demons tomorrow.

Jelly Bean Schedule 8.7.13

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