The Greyhound pub

Come join us at The Greyhound Pub with our Live performers - you're in for a good show as each performer has their own talent. Let the move you with each song.

Sunday 4th  August @ The Greyhound pub

12-1pm @The Greyhound

Rod comes to us live from West Palm Beach, FL. His performances in Second Life are acoustic and electric along the lines of classic rock and blues. His voice is deep and smooth and shows just how much he loves to sing. One of many you do not want to miss out on he's show
 1-2 pm @ The Greyhound Pub

Jash writes all original words and music, in a unique experimental style, words that you find yourself humming to yourself all week long,     

2-3 pm @ The Greyhound pub

Balladeer the Soul singer with he's deep voice and he's passion to sing will get you on your feet and dancing.

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