What an amazing weekend @ Jelly Been

We had an amazing weekend at Jelly Bean.
With recently being placed on front page of the destination guide, London has become even more popular.

This weekend we started with our regular Saturday afternoon 90s slot.  With Myself as DJ and Destiny as out host.

It was a brilliant start to the weekend as I said it is our regular slot. With either myself or DJ Candi as your DJ. Be sure to check us out next week.

We then went in to our Come as you are event with DJ Cazza and again Host Destiny.

I don't know quite what AJ was doing to be arrive in a Bikini but..Oh well. Great to see you all the same :)

Also I wonder of you have noticed the dancers have all had a new make over?

Check out Soho:

Thank you to all that cam by to make the evening a success!

Then on Sunday we had out brand new DJ spinning his tunes. DJ Draconia was great and really kicked off the party.

Our contest was Best in Boots and I must say. You all looked really great as always.
Here is some more pics for you to look at:

Be sure to stop by and visit us @ Jelly Bean in London,

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