London inSL - Jelly Bean - DJ Madhatter & Host Jayde

DJ Madhatter Entertains you - Tuesday is Madhatter Day!

20130917 Madhatter_003
DJ Madhatter showing off his hat and waving to the crowd
DJ Madhatter played a great mix if sounds with his own humour mixed in to entertain the crowds in Hyde Park tonight. His Glove puppets had us in stitches and his Beefy Guy had us all rolling round with laughter. If you want a fun night, pick a Tuesday night with DJ Madhatter - and yes - he is - barking mad!!

20130917 Madhatter_00220130917 Madhatter_002 (2)20130917 Madhatter_00320130917 Madhatter_003 (2)20130917 Madhatter_003a hat20130917 Madhatter_004
20130917 Madhatter_00620130917 Madhatter_00520130917 Madhatter_00720130917 Madhatter_00920130917 Madhatter_00820130917 Madhatter_010
20130917 Madhatter_01120130917 Madhatter_01220130917 Madhatter_01320130917 Madhatter_01420130917 Madhatter_01520130917 Madhatter_017
20130917 Madhatter_01620130917 Madhatter_01820130917 Madhatter_01920130917 Madhatter_02120130917 Madhatter_02020130917 Madhatter_023

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