London inSL - Moments Ballroom night to get the gown and tux out!

Romantic Dreams

Moment's Ballroom - everything you dreamed it would be. Romance from beginning to end with Jade and JD. Some of the best romantic sounds wee played, like Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars' along with a few more 'off the wall' numbers slipped in to make sure we were all listening!

A great evening, leaving us all looking forward to the next one now! Who knew there were so many good ballroom dancers in London? The standard of dancing at the busy Moments Ballroom might leave beginners a bit daunted, but the brilliant professional demos should provide some inspiration.

Turn up early to go through some simple steps, then pick yourself a partner and give it a whirl. Enough spins and you'll forget you're in a virtual world and be transported back in time to the romance of the 1800's.

 Remember to swap partners during the evening so you get to know others and make it a very social event. Check out the great pose balls to make sure your steps are up to scratch.


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