This Friday at Hyde Park

This Friday, the 27th @ 3pm SLT (11pm GMT) Kittens and Tigers are coming to Hyde Park to put on a performance

About Kittens and Tigers;

The group was formed in 2008 by Diddy Hyun.  When they first started out they choreographed dances to songs of their choice, similar as they do today, but as the years have progressed so have the Kittens.

Introducing The Kittens & Tigers - Diddy Hyun, Rayzza Rubble, Bubble Roffo and Jam Xurina.  

Didds and Bubs choreograph the dances, Ray is the Wardrobe Manager and Jam is their resident DJ. 

Together they take an idea and turn it into 30 minutes of entertainment.

From concept to final show they all have their roles to play, after much discussion they decide on a set and then each Kitten and Tiger prowls into action.

Jam, music genius mixes the music for the set allowing dance maestros Didds and Bubs to choreograph all the dances from scratch, using dancing sequences timed perfectly with the music a dance set is created. From here the stages are made giving them the platform to create the visual feast that the shows are.

Ray the Wardrobe Manager creates outfits that bring dances and stages together. Whether a themed show or individual sets he creates clothing that transforms us into glamorous dance stars.

The final stage before they are ready for a performance is to take their dances and integrate them with the stage, using the Spot-on Choreography system, they design moves that bring the show alive 

To be able to share their passion for music and dance in SL with you is all they ask , they hope you enjoy their shows. 

                                               Join the fun here!

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