London inSL - DJ Legs - at it again!

'Legs & Co' may be a thing of the past in London - but 'Legs' sure is not!

DJ Legs in Hyde Park
DJ Legs is London's latest DJ and rocks the park when she appears with her latest set. Sounds like Led Zeppelin soared through the trees and grasses as she set up a great evening for everyone. We're now getting used to these 'impromptu' events in Hyde Park, so we tend to hang around until a DJ turns up these days.

Keira lost her head with excitement..
Keira lost her head
 Unfortunately she forgot to cauterize herself so it all became a bloody mess...
Bloody Mess...
Meanwhile the park is taking on a sinister aspect, with graves and fire appearing out of no where. Beware if you see Jason or Pumpkin Head around, because you may well get more than you bargained for!

Beware of offers from Jason.. or you may get a surprise!

 We also have our own 'Grim' too - 'Pilgrim' that is. In black cloak and dark glasses, he really looks the part. As London's spiritual leader, maybe he's after converting us before we reach the other side?
Pilgrim in full regalia
More Flickr pictures of the DJ Legs event..

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