London inSL - London Tube with DJ Jason

DJ Jason took the decks tonight and thumped out some great old timers. British Rock Group Led Zeppelin featured high on the list with many of their classics.

DJ Jason was Rocking!
Led Zeppelin were an English rock band formed in London in 1968. Guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham formed the core of the group.It's heavy, guitar-driven themes, rooted in blues on their early albums, made them recognized as one of the lynch pins of heavy metal. Although their unique style brought together a wide variety of musical influences, which surprisingly including folk music.
Hostess Half-Pint assisting DJ Jason
Jason head-banged his way through the hits, with host Half-Pint by his side. A crowd quickly formed and Jason had to keep the mob from the stage - usually by offering bribes to people like Mike and shouting 'boobies' a lot.
Mike being offered bribes from Jason
Meanwhile Roach and Katrina had us wondering if they were going for the conjoined twins prize, seeming to never be apart.
Roach & Katrina conjoined
Keira could never be accused of being conjoined to her head, as it flopped lazily in her hand dangling by it's hair.I wondered if Jason had made any rules against it? But it didn't look like it. However I did spot one thing in the rules that makes Jason a naughty boy - 'no giving items'!
Keira checking out the rules to make sure its OK to take off her head
Debi and GMInteractive also danced in a twin-like fashion, both in time and in tune with each other.
Debi and GM checking out their dance steps
At one point it was 'everyone get down' - Roach crouched, but the couple in the twin track suit went all the way - in the middle of the dance floor !!

Roach crouching
Oops - gone all the way on the dance floor!!

We even had twinned horns on a couple ! Way to go with t-winning.

Nice horns!

Well, as long as everyone had a good time - however you want that to be. It's great to see you at the London Tube.

More pics from Flickr below...
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20131003 Jason Tube_02820131003 Jason Tube_02920131003 Jason Tube_02620131003 Jason Tube_02720131003 Jason Tube_02420131003 Jason Tube_025
20131003 Jason Tube_02320131003 Jason Tube_02220131003 Jason Tube_02120131003 Jason Tube_01920131003 Jason Tube_01820131003 Jason Tube_020
20131003 Jason Tube_01620131003 Jason Tube_01720131003 Jason Tube_01520131003 Jason Tube_01320131003 Jason Tube_01420131003 Jason Tube_011

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